_underline_(trailer)_ from Deville Cohen on Vimeo.


Storyline and Directed by: Deville Cohen
Set design and videos: Deville Cohen
Music and instrument design: Hugo Morales Murguia

Commissioned by the Munich Biennale For New Music
Coproduction of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Over 100 years since the publication of the futuristic novel "Flatland", Underline turns E. A. Abbott’s satirical utopia into a new music theatre. In the associative, multidimensional and polyphonic composition of materials, images, forms, bodies, movements, light, videos, sound and music, Underline evolves from motives, conflicts, characters and narrative elements of the novel into a kinetic sculpture as musical object theatre.

“Flatland” is the autobiographical story of A Square, an inhabitant of Flatland. In his story he describes his two-dimensional world and reports of his journeys to regions of less and more dimensions, challenging the boundaries and limitations of his perception. What was once the novel’s fantastic vision of the future to criticize its Victorian society, is still serving as a valid analogy of our present time – Scene and music show human bodies, sets, materials and props as fitted objects and appropriated instruments in a geometrical performance. Underline will place the audience in the position of the novel’s protagonist by letting them view spaces beyond imagination and thereby stimulates us to reflect on the limitations of our own.

Dramaturge: Dorothea Hartmann
Artistic advisors: Robyn Schulkowsky, Michael Höppner


Margaux Marielle-Trehoüart
Elik Niv
Herve Guerrisi
Moritz Ostruschnjak
Anja Füsti
Diego Espinosa
Almut Lustig
Emily Yabe